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Praise for Naomi Brett Rourke

Naomi Brett Rourke has become an expert in crossing genre’s. Where plot twists are concerned, she has a habit of taking story telling to another level. Discovering and indulging in mysteries and horror on her mothers book shelve have definitely played an important part in her writing, but the author wears several hats. In a

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The Horror Tree Presents…An Interview with Naomi Rourke

Interview by Scott Summers March 24, 2018 It is always fascinating to find out how an author was made. In Naomi Brett Rourke’s biography, she gave us a quick peek into who influenced her love of writing, but in this interview with Scott Summers — from the Horror Tree, we dive much deeper into Naomi’s

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I had a great time at the LA Times Festival of Books. It’s a great free weekend: hundreds of vendors, thousands of writers, panels, interviews, a whole section for the kiddies, food trucks (mmm, loster rolls), give-aways, glorious Southern California 70 degree weather, and all at USC. (there’s a really fun exhibit of props and

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Midsummer Scream

Another great trip to this year’s Midsummer Scream. It was a bit of a letdown because my partner-in-horror, my daughter, Kelly, is moving to Texas, so this is her last year. We made the best of it, though, on Saturday and on Sunday, I sat with the excellent people of the HWA and sold, signed,

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We had a great time at San Diego Comic-Con this year. I went as a professional but I wasn’t selling or signing. I met loads of fabulous people, including some maybe future literary partners. I spent two days out of costume but Tim and I were Han and General Leia again. Look at some of

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Happy Hanukkah, Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas

I love Christmas movies. “White Christmas,” “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “Christmas in Connecticut,” “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” Frosty, Rudoph, etc., etc. I can be seen sitting on the sofa watching all iterations of “A Christmas Carol,” sobbing to “Wonderful Life,” and spewing cacao out of my nose at the antics of Bill Murray and Carol

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Personal Space on Planes

Let’s talk about personal space on airplanes. There is none. I get it. I really do. The plane companies want to make sure they make money which sometimes means they must take a little bit extra – let’s say extra comfort for passengers in Coach – to make sure they turn a profit. Cushy digs

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Being Carrie

I didn’t start out to be Carrie Fisher.  I started out to be General Leia Organa.  It ended up being so much more. My husband and I have been to the San Diego Comic-Con a number of times and always admired the costumes, Cosplay, to those in the know.  We loved the originality of the

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Straight Outta Tombstone

I can’t believe I forgot to post this on my website…I’ve posted it everywhere else!  Now available and my editor even called me a “strong new voice in paranormal fantasy”!!!  Yay, me.  🙂  Thanks for all your support.  

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Naomi Brett Rourke is the pen name for the author, teacher, and theatre director living near the beach with her husband Tim. Naomi Brett Rourke has three children, three step-children and nearly a baseball team of grandkids. Her menagerie includes dogs, cats and a tortoise. When not writing, she can be found with a book in her hand, very often reading two or three at a time, with murder mysteries and horror being her favorites.


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