“Resurrection” in The Saturday Evening Post

“Resurrection” in The Saturday Evening Post

Book Cover: "Resurrection" in The Saturday Evening Post


At first it was just some of what was in the Bible that Father Sean disbelieved, but everything else was fine. Everything else he could explain … sort of. Then, day by day, year by year, more things just didn’t make sense. In this world of lying politicians, terrorists, and school shootings, where was the Grace? Where was the Triune God when mothers drowned their babies and young girls had abortions and went out and had unprotected sex again and again and had more aborted babies. Men killed other men with abandon? What was the point? In his life of pyx and paten, chalice and chasuble, where was the meaning? In the scrawny confessions of those meager people? In the half-finished Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s and his own cookie-cutter sermons muttered to indifferent parishioners? Where was the love that God had promised? If there was no God, then what was there? Was his whole life a waste? A joke?


The young Sean thought he could make a difference and now even that thought was gone. People had to believe in something. He didn’t believe in anything. He couldn’t change the world. He couldn’t even write a sermon for tomorrow. Everything was gone. Idly, he started typing his letter of resignation.


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