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Featured in the anthology Straight Outta Tombstone.

National Bestseller in USA Today and in Amazon

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Vengeance has come out to play. The short story, “Coyote” by Naomi Brett Rourke is featured in the anthology: Straight Outta Tombstone. It follows an Apache grandfather and his granddaughter as they try to simmer a feud with between a heartless dandy. When the dandy is given a warning, will he be smart enough to take it? His life may just depend on it.

“The writing is solid…strong new voice in supernatural fantasy…” -David Boop, Baen Books


Featured on the The Saturday Post.

Father Sean Ryan was once a different kind of believer, radical and modern. A priest that was so open-minded that he admitted that some parts were of the bible were questionable.

“You don’t have to believe everything in the Bible, Father Sean said, they are just stories to help people understand. The Bible was written a long time ago, said Father Sean, and a lot of it doesn’t apply now. After all, you wouldn’t stone your mother for divorcing your father, would you? And who can believe that story about Daniel in the lion’s den? The lion would’ve eaten him in one bite. Animals can’t change their nature and neither do humans. Now let’s see what the story tells modern readers like us …”

His letter of resignation, and a beautiful contradiction that invites us to go against our own nature, collide in this story of faith and its resurrection.

Book Cover: Resurrection in The Saturday Evening Post


Featured on the Best Frontier Tales.

One man has the chance to make everything right again.

In “Thunderbird,” Heyoka, reflects upon his rocky life. As a young man, no matter how much he wanted to be treated like he belonged, he would still be treated like an outsider. As a husband, he experiences the feeling of disappointment and sadness—the feeling of  not  being good enough, and he soon becomes involved in a series of unfortunate events.

But Heyoka is later given the chance to redeem himself by completing a difficult task.

“There Wakinyan, Thunderbird, lives with his brothers and sisters. He is a magical bird, bigger than three eagles, who brings the thunder and lightening and who has an untold thing he holds most dear in his nest. You are to climb up to the nest and steal this most precious object so your tribe can prosper and have the luck of the Thunderbird, the luck you stole from us at your birth.”

Will Heyoka obey the orders he has been given or will he decide to be and live up to his own expectations? “Thunderbird” will be featured in an upcoming publication of the Best of Frontier Tales anthology.

Every Day

Featured in the anthology Enter the Apocalypse.

Naomi Brett Rouke’s, “Every Day” is included in the anthology, Enter the Apocalypse. It features stories of catastrophe: viruses, deadly missiles, evil aliens and other end-of-the world mishaps.

Naomi’s work appears alongside fellow contributing authors:  Kim Alan, Mike Barretta, Nick Barton, Gustavo Bondoni, Matthew Buscemi, Jessica Conoley, Lana Cooper, Jonathan Cromack, Michael Cummings, Lisha Goldberg, Bruce Golden, Russell Hemmell, Tom Jolly, Madison Keller, Simon Kewin, Morgen Knight, Janice Law, John A. McColley, Donna J.W. Munro, Katrina Nicholson, Naomi Brett Rourke, Jacalyn Schnelle, Jay Seate, Eric James Spannerman, T.M. Starnes, Stephanie Vance, Rachel Verkade, Aaron Vlek, John Walters, Filip Wiltgren, Brigitte Winter, and Trevor James Zaple.

“Some of my other favorites: …”Every Day” (like a modern Edgar Allan Poe).”-Katshell, Amazon

Book Cover: Every Day
The_Perfect_ Dinner (2)

The Perfect Dinner (reprint) in Trigger Warning Short Fiction with Pictures

Featured on Trigger Warning Short Fiction With Pictures (Issue 5).

There were rules. And Cassie had no other choice but to follow them. And if Cassie chose to disobey her husbands rules, there would be consequences. Bad ones.

She was strong once, having almost left him, but then realizing she had no where else to go.

After her husband loses him temper, and expresses his dissatification of their dinner, we are given the ingredients to her husband’s perfect dinner. “The Perfect Dinner” has also appeared in Morpheus Tales XXV.

“Powerful story.”-John Skewes,


Featured in the anthology Distressing Damsels.

In Distressing Damsels, you won’t find women who are looking for a knight to save them. These women are saving themselves.

This fairy-tale themed anthology draws inspiration from other popular stories such as, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Thumbelina, and Snow White.

Here’s what Naomi had to say about her story: “Puss” is my vengeance tale by way of “Pull in Boots.” Take a beautiful call girl, a horrible man, and a night of pure pleasure. Where you say, “Is vengeance in pure pleasure?” 

Book Cover: Puss by Naomi Brett Rourke
Book Cover: Shhh, Fire

Shhh, Fire

Featured in the anthology Brewed Awakenings 2.

This collection is said to be thought provoking, with a careful and organized selection. Naomi Brett Rourke describes her story, “Shhh, Fire,” as a terrifying story about a little girl who has a surprising new friend.

Malt-O-Meal and the Cats on the Table

Featured in Mature Living.

Naomi Brett Rourke’s “Malt-O-Meal and the Cats on the Table” was included in Mature Living—a magazine that combines multiple elements for older adults: lifestyles, cultural trends and spiritual truths. Devotional studies and short stories (inspirational) are made available for the readers.

“Malt-O-Meal and the Cats on the Table” was published in the Summer 2016 Issue (Volume 48, No. 4).

Book Cover: Malt-O-Meal and the Cats on the Table
Book Cover: Balance


Featured in Life on the Rez.

“Balance” follows the journey of a Native American man who grapples with terrifying spirits in his attempt to free himself from tribal life. Read the excerpt below for an insight of “Balance.”

The sounds were becoming very loud; so loud it almost hurt his ears.  He shook his head to clear the clamor and then he saw and his knees weakened. The shotgun fell from his limp hands and lay half buried in the sand. The moon, so bright a minute ago, suddenly had a caul across it and the world seemed to still.

Jack and the Vine

Featured in Refractions Volume 3. 

“Jack and the Vine” is included in the young adult anthology. This audience can expect to read about an elemental king, objects found in space such as, Kuiper Belt Derby, and international nature-related beauty.

Refractions  Vol 3 is available on Amazon.

Boots Updated

"Boots" in Cultured Vultures

Featured on Cultured Vultures.

By the time Chyna and Elliegh’s parents find out that they are missing; it’ll be far too late. Two girls from the Midwest, whose motives included partying with musicians and actors, and leaving their old life behind may finally get what they wished for.

When Elliegh and Chyna get invited to wait on a famous musician, they don’t think twice. They don’t think about their safety or if they’ll be able to leave the same exact way they came: in one piece.

The Magick in Everyday Things

Featured in Witches and Pagans.

(Issue 33: Tarot and Divination)

Naomi Brett Rouke’s fictional piece, ” The Magick in Everday Things” can be found in Witches and Pagans, a magazine that promotes earthwise spirituality for today. This particular issue has 88 pages, in full color.

Book Cover: Witches & Pagans - The Magick in Everyday Things
Unfading daydream issue 4 book cover

The King of B & E

Featured in Unfading Daydream: Issue 4 Retold.

“The King of B & E” is featured in the literary magazine (Unfading Daydream), ran by LL Lemke and Adelei Wade. In this issue, authors were tasked with retelling well-known tales.

Naomi Brett Rourke’s fictional piece appears alongside the following contributing authors: Alice Godwin, Elana Gomel, Russel Hemmell, Shannon Lippert, Cate Millican, Andrea Teare, Rachel Unger, and Stanley B. Webb.


Story featured on the Manawaker Podcast.

Everything changed for her, in a matter of minutes. As a little girl carries on with her pretend play and makeshift china, she and her family, and a  reverend are surrounded by Indians. And this is not the first time the Indians have visited the newcomers who have just relocated from Boston to the west.

But surely, if the Indians have come back for the second time, this time they have made up their minds about their intent. The Manawaker Podcast premiered,  “Prairie,” by Naomi Brett Rourke, on Febuary 21, 2019

Prairie-Naomi-Brett-Rourke (2)
Evil Twin Website Version

Evil Twin

Screenplay by Naomi Brett Rourke.

Evil Twin was written by Naomi Brett Rourke, directed by Emmy Award-winning producer, Allison Vanore and co-produced by the multitalented writer and director Michael Skyvarla. The main character Aiden, was played by Liam Windle. The short film was was released in 2017 by Crypt TV.

Rockstars and Broken Dreams

Featured in the anthology One Hundred Voices.

“Rockstars and Broken Dreams,” by Naomi Brett Rourke, is featured in the third volume of One Hundred Voices. It details the life of a supermom who is facing her future. The anthology, from Centum Books, is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Book Cover: One Hundred Voices Vol 3