Praise for Naomi Brett Rourke

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Naomi Brett Rourke has become an expert in crossing genre’s. Where plot twists are concerned, she has a habit of taking story telling to another level. Discovering and indulging in mysteries and horror on her mothers book shelve have definitely played an important part in her writing, but the author wears several hats.

In a previous interview with Horror Tree, Naomi stated that her career as an English teacher keeps her writing skills up to par:

I love teaching English because it keeps me on my toes for my own writing. I’m constantly telling my students about imagery, subject/verb agreement, and “show don’t tell” and everything else, and it stays in my mind when I sit down to write.

The author is also a theatre director, and the creator of the short film, Evil Twin. It was released on Crypt TV. Want to know more?

Check out what others are saying about Naomi Brett Rourke and her creative works:

Straight Outta Tombstone

The real surprise for me was how much I loved the short story “Coyote” by Naomi Brett Rourke. I love native tales, and Coyote especially. I know it’s hard to adhere to telling a story about Native Americans in the west without making it boring or another story we’ve heard before. This one was really great and I’ll definitely be reading more from Ms. Rourke in the future. It was brilliant and unsettling, but also oh-so-satisfying.

E. A. Copen, Goodreads, August 2017


COYOTE by Naomi Brett Rourke. This particular story has just as much non-natural events as the others, but it reads truer. Some of the other stories NEED a volume like this in order to exist; this one doesn’t. The story of the old man and his grand-daughter could appear anywhere from Boy’s Life to Playboy to Good Housekeeping. Maybe not Popular Mechanics.

Goodreads, Pat Patterson, July 2017

“Some of my favorite myth stories were those of the Native Americans and “Coyote” (by Naomi Brett Rourke) has joined my favorites from that field. It’s a classic tale of comeuppance, told with a subtle flair and panache. It adds an authentic Old West touch to Straight Outta Tombstone. This is the first story I’ve read by Rourke, and it won’t be the last.”

MY SF Reviews, Joe

“The writing is solid.”
“…strong new voice in supernatural fantasy…”

David Boop, Baen Books

Enter the Apocalypse

“Some of my other favorites: …”Every Day” (like a modern Edgar Allan Poe)…

Katshell, Amazon

“‘Every Day’…definitely got my attention (in a positive way)…”

Thomas Gondolfi, TANSTAAFL Press

Magick in Everyday Things

“I just read your short story, “The Magick in Everyday Things” over morning coffee and realize what a supreme writing talent you are. It was so enjoyable to sit with your imagery, your wisdom, your command of our beautiful language and just absorb your story. I’ve followed your work, but this story hit me as supremely relataeble and relevant to our daily experience and growing older. Loved it. Keep writing. You are a national treasure.”

Tammy Lorraine Marshall

The Perfect Dinner

“‘The Perfect Dinner’ is a very solid crime story with a nice sting in the tale…”
“…quite soulful; a moving tale…”

Eric Lindbom,

“Powerful story.”

John Skewes,

“…clear talent and success will continue to follow…”

Steve Hussy, MurderSlim Press


“‘GPS’…I can understand the comparison to Twilight Zone – this strikes me as a story I’d see on this show.”
“…sweet tale…”

Deep Magic


Rachel Haaversen, Alligator Juniper

“…look forward to seeing more from you in the future.”

Gillian Whitaker, Flame Tree Publishing

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