StokerCon 2016

Oh, what a glorious time.  Such information.  Great people.  A week in Las Vegas — not my favorite town, but it was fun.  (who closes the pools at 6 pm??  What about night swimming?)

After a false start (we were going to fly; doctor said no), we drove.  I don’t know exactly what’s better about breathing at 4000 feet for two hours versus 5000 feet for 20 minutes, but…  Our room overlooked the HVAC system.  I thought the elevator was going to eat us every time we got in.  Wi-Fi was down when I really had to get a story out.  But other than those trivialities, the convention itself was fabulous.  Can’t wait for next year.

Every workshop and panel I attended was wonderful but there were a couple of standouts.  The panel Screenplay Writing for Idiots…Err, Authors was very informative, moderated by the famous Jack Ketchum, who has had several films produced from his novels, including Offspring.  On the panel, Aaron Sterns (writer Wolf Creek: 2), Mark Miller (Seraphim Films), Nancy Holder (Buffy), Daniel Knauf (producer The Blacklist, Carnivale, and Dracula), and Ryan Turek (Blumhouse Productions).

Act Like a Writer by Jonathan Maberry was very interesting (I need another business card) and he was very positive, which I loved.  The plotting workshop was excellent and I finally have the problem areas in my novel resolved, thank to John Skipp, who ran the workshop, and Joe-la Dowdy, who was my partner.  Thanks, guys!!!  Leslie Klinger ran the legal workshop — very, very informative.

The Master Class in Publishing was GREAT with Jo Fletcher (from Jo Fletcher Books), Stephen Jones (multi-award winning author), and Ian Drury (agent.)  Did you know the UK publishes almost twice what the US does?  I didn’t either.  Great information.  I want them to be my agent and publisher. 🙂

And the big guys:

Jack Ketchum is a god.  His workshop, Writing from the Wound, was…I don’t even know what it was.  This guy is so intelligent, so erudite — I bet he’s forgotten more than I could even put in my little brain.  So interesting.  And I love what he left us with: Try to leave the world a little better with what you write.  (I am not worthy.)

And lastly, R.L. Stine.  What can I say about this man that hasn’t already been said a thousand times over?  That his books kept my kids reading all through elementary and middle school?  That even my students who “don’t read” have read his books a thousand times over?  That I think he’s single-handedly kept children reading in this time of computer games and YouTube?  All of that and more.  He’s terribly funny.  He kept a room full of writers laughing for two hours and gave really good advice when asked.  I just went out and bought more of his books for my grandson.  And what a career.  I think he said he’s written about 330 books.  Wow.  Just wow.

Ok.  I’m pumped!  Short stories — meet your maker!  Novel — you are FINISHED by the end of this year (if not sooner!)






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  1. Thank you for sharing your journey! I LOVE your stories “The Perfect Dinner” and “Balance”! You are an asset to the horror genre and I cant wait to read more of your work!

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