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The Valley of Kings

Those who know me know that I’m not all that religious but I’m more spiritual in nature.  I agree that there must be something more but I don’t believe in man-made religions.  I find them to be exclusive and prone to hatred and bias.  I was raised a Catholic, have been a member of the

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Beach Day #1

Cumulous clouds, nimbulous cotton-candy puffs of white and grey, misty blue on the horizon, jade to forest to spring green water.  Junior Lifeguards from middle to high school age, sun-kissed, sun-blonded, not in “look-at-me” bathing suits but suits meant for business.  No bare butt or barely-there tops.  Not showing every inch that perhaps should have

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Kauai Days

Aloha, My husband and I are in Kauai after three long years away.  I am no stranger to the Islands.  My parents first brought me when I was about eight years old.  My father, who fancied himself a golfer, wanted a vacation driving and putting and my mother just wanted other people to cook and

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Naomi Brett Rourke is the pen name for the author, teacher, and theatre director living near the beach with her husband Tim. Naomi Brett Rourke has three children, three step-children and nearly a baseball team of grandkids. Her menagerie includes dogs, cats and a tortoise. When not writing, she can be found with a book in her hand, very often reading two or three at a time, with murder mysteries and horror being her favorites.


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